drunk colors
this is a side blog for me to post photoshop things. enjoy. %


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psd 151 - download (adjust curves and brightness)

psd 151 - download (adjust curves and brightness)


THEME #1 stars dance by payzer

live preview // code

  • sidebar is 245px
  • includes 3 customizable links
  • please like or reblog if using
  • don’t remove the credit or claim as your own

psd #150 download

New sharpen action for you all! This one it’s very basic and you can apply it as many time as you want, but I think 3 it’s maximum or your edit will get oversharpened but it’s up to you and how do you like your photos to be sharpened! I would be more than grateful if you like or reblog this post or leave a comment or “fovourite” on deviantart’ page. Don’t you dare claim it as yours or repost. Now, that you probably read all of this, you can download it here 

psd #149 by fiercepsds // download

psd 148 - download [pack of 4 different psds mainly for demi’s pink hair pictures recently, adjust if needed]

psd 147 - download (BEST ON CONCERTS W/ BLACK BG)

You all have been asking my for my psd to my pictures that I’ve used for awhile now and also my icons. So, I’ve create one that’s an inbetween of both. Works both on gifs/photos (may need adjustments depending). Don’t claim as your own!!!! {x}